Velvet Chair Covers


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Chair covers are soft to touch fabric with shine, which makes them an excellent choice for formal dinners and lavish parties.

They are easy for looking after and household machine washable. NO ironing required.

We develop our chair cover patterns after many years of experience in industry suitable for both ROUND and SQUARE TOP chairs. If you are not sure which size you need please send us a picture of the chair and we will help you determine which one is the best for you. Standard sizes are:

  • SMALL chair covers are suitable for variety of small banqueting chairs.


  • MEDIUM chair cover is most popular size fit around 70% of the banqueting chairs found in venues.


  • GOLDEN GILDED-CHIVALRY chair covers very popular in many venues. All chair covers are market with size labels inside for easy distinction.


Once you have placed a chair cover order with us, if you wish to replace some of those chair covers in future you do not have to make a minimal order of 50 chair covers. We guarantee that you will receive the same quality of fabric and workmanship on all of the chairs covers we produce.

In case our existing chair covers do not fit your chairs, we can make custom chair covers especially for you. We already have an extensive selection of specially made chair cover patterns for those more awkward chairs. In the PDF File section, you will find pictures of some of our made to measure chair cover patterns. We are constantly upgrading our portfolio with new types of different and unusual chairs. We find that the best chair pattern is created when you bring or send us the actual chair. We will send your chair with a new chair cover and new pattern for approval in maximum of 7-10 working days. Once you approve pattern we can start production. In case it is not possible for you to provide us with the chair, please follow the following instructions: Once custom chairs cover is been made, we will keep its pattern in our file for your future convenience. Send or email us a picture of the chair, which will help us to determine the shape and the thickness of the frame.


Once we receive your measurements and/or the actual picture of the chair, we will then produce a pattern and a sample for your approval. Once you approve the sample (please check if it fits) we will begin manufacturing your order. Within 7-10 days, we will return the chair to you along with the made to measure chair cover.

One off standard charge per a custom fit chair cover is £50.00. This service is payable in advance. If you order over 50 chair covers, we will deduct £50.00 from the final invoice. We will keep the original pattern of your chair cover so that in the future you can replace any number of the chair covers you may need. If you have your own pattern, we can reproduce the same one. If you have a new idea, please let us know and we can help make it happen!

Our chair covers are made from best-proven fabric only sourced in the UNITED KINGDOM. This means good quality, which is excellent investment for rental companies. Our customers often tell us that they are impressed with the quality of our products. All the fabrics we use have been rigorously tested before they were offered to public.

Care of our chair covers is very easy. They are can washed by regular home washing machines (apart from Organza and Net type fabric) and used for many years. The usual life spam of our chair covers is about 5-6 years even if they have been used for more than 70 times a year (providing they are not stained).

Chair covers can be washed up to 60 degrees and the use of regular detergent will be the best method. Similar to regular clothing, remember to always wash the linen with other similar colours. Mixing dark/bright colours with whites is not recommended.

Bleach can be used on WHITE fabric. But not recommended for COLOURED FABRICS.

Stains should be washed as soon as possible to avoid them locking in and becoming permanent. Linen can dried in dryer machines (low heat); however, it is recommended that they be removed while still warm. This is to minimize excessive wrinkles. They can then be ironed with low heat to get out any wrinkles that are left. They should then be folded and put away for storage.



Velvet Chair CoversVelvet Chair CoversVelvet Chair CoversVelvet Chair CoversVelvet Chair CoversVelvet Chair Covers


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