Table Overlays

If plain and old table covers do not work for you, we have just the solution!

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Product Overview


By simply placing one of our vibrant coloured overlays on top of the tablecloth, the look immediately changes from bland to stylish!

A bit of colour will bring a new sense of energy and playful elegance to your event. We offer different sizes and shapes of the overlays:

Small 60"x60" (150 cm x 150 cm) - Ideal on the top of the 5ft and 6ft tables

Large 90"x90" (230 cm x 230 cm) - are all the way down almost to the floor

Round overlays 86" (235 cm diameter) - they are falling down from the edge of the table by approximately 15"

Visit our fabric and colour section to choose from.

Table Cloths and Overlays Size Chart‏